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Hum, hum, hum! Bees, hum around! Find yourself in flowers, in little flowers, a droplet, a crumb! Hum, hum, hum...

This near to nature and seemingly harmless tile laying game for families is a sly old dog! Only those who place their flowers and bees in their own meadows with deliberation and at the same time keep an eye on the meadows of the others will be able to draw honey from them.

At the beginning the own meadow is still without any flowers and bees. But that changes quickly.

For it is your turn to bring the flowers to bloom on your meadow, or fly past with your bees, harvest honey, find a queen and her drones or another surprise from the bee world.

And as in real life, they are not always honey-sweet, but sometimes quite bitter:

A whole bee colony swarms out, the vole and the bee-eater spread their mischief on the meadow, or the skull butterfly and the Varroa mite infest a hive.

But that will not stop a determined beekeeper. Round after round, the variety of flowers grows on the meadows and with it the number of bees.

This is how you play until the first meadow is full of tiles. Then the count is added up. And look there: the most honey / the most victory points are for flowers with bees sitting on them.

Material: 90 flowers (tiles), 60 bees (wooden discs), 5 meadows (tableaus), 6 honey drops (made of wood), 1 bag

8 & up
20-30 minutes


The special combi­nation of dice and cards makes the difference: One player rolls the dice and all players play cards. The right choice of cards and your own dragon color lead the way to the highest fame, honor and success.

Symbol of the beginning and the end is the phoenix.

At the beginning, the starting player receives the phoenix tile. Then the dice are rolled again and again and cards are played. Only when the phoenix appears the third time from the depths of the deck the end of the game is reached.

When it is your turn to roll the dice, you decide which cards to play. Because all players - including you - only play the cards that your dice result allows. These cards determine the offer from which cards are then selected. For each card that you or a fellow player plays in the offer, one card may be selected for your own display. This does not have to be the card you just played. So everyone tries to collect the cards that mean as much fame, honor and success (= points) as possible.

So roll your dice and play your cards wisely. Each card scores points. More cards of the same type earn even more points. And some cards mean more points for one player than for the other. So keep it a secret what color your dragon is. Because for each card with a dice symbol in your dragon color you get extra points. If, however, you have played too conspicuously and betrayed yourself with it, you will end up with a point deduction.

Keeping this in mind and at the same time pursuing your own interests is the special challenge of XIN.

Material: 99 playing cards (90 cards with picture motif and faces, 6 dragon cards, 3 phoenix cards), 6 dice, 1 phoenix tile.

10 & up
30-45 minutes

More games


The card game that plays with time. To save time, you should get rid of your cards faster than anyone else. Because the fastest player has more time. But the slow ones have more options to affect their luck. When the time is up for everyone, it shows how well you have played with it.

4-8 players • ages 10 & up • 45‑60 minutes


A relaxed journey into the world of Single Malt Scotch Whisky. It's not just about creating a really good whisky with ease and serenity, but also about proving the right instinct for market developments. The right moment determines a good whisky and a good price as well.

2-5 players • ages 12 & up • 120 minutes


German: Haus am See. A placement game for city and regional planners. Shaping a lake shore and by the way bringing the various demands of settlement development, leisure and recreation, mobility, nature conservation and economy together in a playful way.

2-8 players • ages 10 & up • 60 minutes


A competition for the construction of the most beautiful medieval town. Only those who succeed in using their own craftsmen at the right time for the right construction projects will be able to outpace the others and win the game.

2-4 players • ages 10 & up • 30‑45 minutes


German: Baulos. Quickly built a house, rented and sold. A tough construction and economic game. Building materials are expensive. So shopping on the black market is obvious. But beware of the construction supervision, otherwise it can be even more expensive.

2-6 players • ages 12 & up • 60‑90 minutes


The colonization and cultivation of early Scotland. The task is to take the destiny of one of the clans in your hand, to stand together against the English and to enthrone in the end the King of the Scots out of the ranks of your own clan.

2-5 players • ages 12 & up • 90‑120 minutes

What's this all about?

My name is Jörg von Rüden. I am married and father of two sons. As a game designer I have been developing strategy and family games since the 90s. I like games that make you think and create exciting worlds of emotions and experiences. In this way, very different ideas have matured into games in the course of time.

The games presented on this website show a cross-section of my current games development. These games can only be found on my personal games shelf and are not yet available in stores. Before they can be seen on this website, the games have already undergone numerous test rounds and revisions. If you are interested in additional information like game rules or trial rounds feel free to contact me.

A list of my already published and buyable games can be found on my author's page at the Spiele-Autoren-Zunft e.V. (SAZ - Game Designers Association). Of course I am happy about every game that changes from this website to the list on my SAZ author's page.

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Jörg von Rüden • Falterweg 13 • 44269 Dortmund • Germany

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